The Cosmic Perspective – Poster design concept

The first thought that might have passed in your mind in this very few moments was “Oh, another one of those posts about the universe and space facts…” but no , I won’t be covering this kind of stuff, I’m just showing off a poster design concept I’ve been working in the past couple of weeks.

What I will be actually talking about is the process of creating this poster which will be fully displayed at the end.

Firstly, I will include the assignment brief so you can form an idea about it:

“Vector Logo Concept

Using Illustrator, design a vector based logo for the Immersive Vision Theatre. The final product should conform to professional standards and design deliverable practices. The logo should be uniquely your own work and include variations, showings its effectiveness at different scales and colour palettes. Your final image should present the logo in a practical application.

Event Poster

Incorporating your own logo design an event poster for the Immersive Vision theatre. This can be for the tour of the universe demonstration entitled ‘The Cosmic Perspective’ or for an immersive experimental music & VJing event entitled ‘Sonorous Space’. Imagery and design choices should be thoroughly justified and result in an aesthetically well-conceived piece. Key information to include: date & time of event, location, pricing and ticket availability, event blurb, partner logos, URL’s.”

I started by making sketches in Photoshop and by sketches I mean combining different pictures with my logo concept and its variations, so I can have a better understanding about how can I make it more appealing.

After this step I decided what files to keep and thought of a way to make an unique composition which can hold the main features I desire: an iconic place from Plymouth, stars on the sky , celestial bodies and the logo alongside requested texts placed in an appealing position.

The final result is shown in the right side. As you can see , at least from my point of view, the picture can’t be classified as “good looking” or something attractive, but this was just in its early version so I continued with it , hoping for a better result to come later on.


The outcome is represented above and you may say the same thing I said to myself , “That looks ugly”. My chosen ideas didn’t combine properly and yes , i do agree that if I invested more effort in it the outcome could have been different but me as a person , if I don’t reach something at least a little attractive in the middle stages, I try something totally different.

So now the next step was reorienting to something else , a new idea , new pictures, brain storm again and come with something different.

After some time , I’ve came across some other different pictures of Plymouth and I tried my best to see how each other fit in my designs. As you can see I was totally aiming to include the Plymouth Hoe even if Plymouth University is a better landmark for this imaginary event but , I wanted a clear view point of the sky, without city lights getting any sort of impact. So taking all these things in consideration , Plymouth Hoe is the best spot for my kind of imagination.

Luckily , one of them turned to have a big potential and I was hoping that the outcome was better than last one.


Started from here and had big ideas in my mind. Even thought here the sky is astonishingly beautiful it didn’t suit my idea that good and i started masking and adding a new sky with more stars and a darker color.

From this point, I have said that I made progress and it was kind of what I aimed for at the beginning of my project. So the next steps were to add text, logo, sponsors, date, time and adjust the brightness/contrast/colors.

Now you may ask what’s with all the sponsors and the website. The sponsors are just fictional, I did not talk to them but they do have a reason for being there. As for the website link, it was inspired from Fulldome UK , the largest Immersive dome event hold in England. Our dome, so named , Immersive Vision Theatre, can’t be compared with it because it’s way more smaller , so I named it Halfdome.

Here are the sponsors and there is a meaning for each of them:

  • 360events : – This company’s main point of interest is capturing 360 pictures and videos and in my mind, if this event was real , they for sure could capture a panoramic film with stars and planets and display it in our dome, giving you a better perception about these kind of visuals.
  • Plymouth University: – Well , as this event is hosted inside its perimeter , I find it kind of logical to implement their logo in the sponsor section.
  • Plymouth Council: – Our City Council may approach the same attitude as Plymouth University in this kind of unique event which can place Plymouth on the map of great cities which hosted important Immersive Vision Events.
  • – As quoted on their website “i-DAT is a Research and Design Collective playfully experimenting with data.”, they are a group of people, in my opinion, not some ordinary people but some “one of a kind” artists, which encourage these kind of events , focusing on interacting with people using different methods emerged from digital technologies. Besides this, some people part of this organisations are lecturers in Plymouth University so here we go back to the second point of this long enumeration of sponsors.
  • Nvidia GEFORCE: – I think everybody heard of Nvidia and know what they mainly do, and chances are that your device,on which you read this long post, runs a Nvidia GPU. Recently they started making virtual reality capable software, so it gets straight into the sponsor spots.
  • IFAA: – IFAA’s main purpose is , again as quoted on IMERSA (Immersive Media Entertainment, Research,Science & Arts) website ( which sadly didn’t want to join our project ), “…seeks to secure fulldome arts and entertainment as a viable medium and accelerate the widespread distribution of dome programming through a network of member venues.” so even we are not a Fulldome, we can still make something awesome with them.
  • Adobe: – How can we create everything we will display without the help of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects , Premier Pro , Audition , etc ( you can read the whole list here  ). And we have them installed on our PCs located in teaching rooms. And I’m LEGALLY using it at home by buying their licences , so give me an other stronger argument not to add them on this list.

After all this talking I hope i made you more excited about seeing the final product, so as I promised , here it is, hope you will find it appealing and maybe can give me a strong feedback on where I can improve because i do acknowledge there are many parts where i can get better.


Here as you can see there are some planets and that cloud in the middle of the screen, the planets were made by me during the first week of learning Photoshop and I included them because they were on my wishlist, the celestial bodies. On the other hand , the cloud isn’t my creation but still , I edited the raw image and this is its final form.

Credits for media source used in this post :




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